The perfect assortment of boards for your small fine woodworking projects, or when you want to try just a little bit of this wood. Each Craft Pack gets you a total of 10 board feet of premium boards that are anywhere between 3” and 8” wide, and 24” up to 48” long. All boards come surfaced on 2 sides (S2S) to 13/16” thick, you can choose to have the boards planed down to a different thickness. Did we forget to mention that Craft Packs also include all shipping costs within the 48 U.S.? This beautiful dark wood is admired by woodworkers for its abundance of flowing and often swirling grain patterns and dark color. The wood is dense enough to be used for flooring and furniture, but not so hard as to be difficult to work with hand tools.
This walnut lumber is specified with 90% heartwood on the face, 70% heartwood on the back. For help in dealing with pale colored sapwood, see our blog “3 Great Ways to Hide Sapwood in Walnut”.