Từ sự kết hợp hợp đó, chúng tôi đã sản xuất ra một sản phẩm thanh lịch và hoàn hảo nhất,..

The perfect balance between present and future walnut wood – Hoangphucwood! 

The Filoantis kitchen reinterprets the archetype of the traditional kitchen in a very modern key. Not by chance is enriched with prestigious and eco-friendly materials, the National Walnut Wood, Rovere materia and Ecomalta in many shades. Different finishes, all deeply researched, which can live separately or combined in order to give birth to elegant visual effects.

In detail: the 33° cut on door as handle grip perfectly matched to groove, the terminal base unit elements, wall and tall units with door and side at 45° and, finally, the worktops and the snack edges with a 45° inclination. Obviously the technological investment has affected also the kitchen items and use locking systems and containment of the last generation. To complete this project, the boiserie Horizon and the Cubodieci open items which add dynamism and flexibility to the entire project.

Ecomalta is an innovative result of a careful technological research,
in total respect of the environment. The product is made from
bi-component ecomalte mixed with water-based paints,
totally eco-friendly and ready to use.

– Breathable
– Flexible
– Eco-friendly and recyclable
– Adaptable
– Resistant
– Seductive
Band new exclusive finish
for the furniture carcasses
with an exceptional and a unique
tactile effect.

Base and tall units D. 70 cm
New base and tall units with real
depth 70 cm, for an increased inner
space. Premium Corda and Cube
Graphite drawers and baskets

Một số sản phẩm do Hoangphucwood sản xuất: cửa gỗ óc chó (walnut), cầu thang gỗ óc chó (walnut), bàn làm việc gỗ óc chó (walnut)